About Sakkara

Sakkara is a sophisticated property development company operating in the wider Asia-Pacific region. It has underpinned the success of over 84 significant property projects totalling $4.7 billion in value.
Its impressive blue-chip portfolio, from Australia to Vietnam, ranges from niche residential developments to large commercial projects including Sydney-based retirement village The Landings and industrial parkland Riverstone.
Since forming in 1997, Sakkara founders Chairman Neil Wilson and Chief Executive David Bedingfield and their expert team have built a reputation for matching an entrepreneurial skill-set with conservative, disciplined management.
With direct experience in mezzanine debt and opportunity funds management, the Sydney-based company prides itself on understanding the needs of investors at every turn and delivering projects on-time and on-budget.
Today, the niche player in the global development landscape is expanding its portfolio of residential, retirement, commercial and mixed-use projects, driven by its proven ethos of delivering quality buildings, purpose-design and attention to detail.


Sakkara specialises in creating inspiring property solutions across residential, retirement, commercial and mixed use developments.

Sakkara has been a trusted partner in numerous joint-venture developments in Australia and in the growing Asia Pacific market. Through project and risk management techniques, Sakkara has the capacity to simultaneously develop multiple projects across multiple countries.

The team has a wealth of experience across project selection, development, sales, financing and risk management. Sakkara’s established disciplines, systems, processes and compliance procedures underpin the group’s consistent professional approach for managing relationships.

Today Sakkara has a strong portfolio across its three core business areas:

Sakkara Retirement – Quality retirement villages
Sakkara Residential – Smart and affordable residential developments
Sakkara Commercial and Industrial – Focus on city fringe and airport to CBD corridor

Sakkara: Uncovering our name

Sakkara’s name hails from Ancient Egypt. The world’s first stone monumental building was constructed over 4,600 years ago at Sakkara for Pharaoh Zoser. It was designed and built by Imhotep a genius architect, physician and poet. This ancient step pyramid then became the prototype for all future pyramids.